Higg assessment API now streamlines facility risk management


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Whether you’re a small business or global enterprise, when it comes to sustainability management, it’s essential for the data to work alongside the rest of your programs. That’s why we created the Assessment Data API – to integrate Higg FEM, FSLM, and BRM data with your core business platforms, and help you capture the full picture of your value chain impact and support facility risk management.


The Assessment Data API is one of several in our API ecosystem. It allows your business to integrate Higg assessment data directly into your own platforms, helping you monitor supply chain performance and make environmental, social, governance (ESG) decisions all in one place. We’re always using our customers’ feedback to strengthen our platform, and while the Assessment Data API has helped many businesses understand overall value chain impact, we also heard how it was just as important for users to identify specific facilities that might need support.


As brands set ESG goals related to curbing carbon emissions or improving labor standards, they have to quickly identify which facilities need to improve. To help users understand their facilities’ impact on a more granular level, the Assessment Data API now helps users identify critical issues at facilities, discover facilities based on their performance, and more. Take a look at the updates in depth.

Identify Critical Factory Impact Issues

As facilities across your supply chain submit their FEM, FSLM, and BRM assessments, the Assessment Data API helps your business flag any data deemed as potentially hazardous. For example, if any manufacturing facility indicated they were operating without permits, the updated API allows your business to retrieve this information through the new filter focus_areas. Your business would see a description of the overall issue, the facility’s actual assessment response, and the level of risk, determined by Higg’s assessments.
Higg Product Manager Kenneth Gleason led the update, and sees the tool now helping automate more work for brands and retailers. “The updated Assessment Data API has the potential to help businesses automate supplier management processes. Brands and retailers can halt purchasing orders based on critical social and labor issues as well as identify other opportunities to make improvements with their supply chain partners,” he explains.

Sort and Query for Factories

Using indicators from their related FEM, FSLM, and BRM assessments, the Assessment Data API now helps you pinpoint facilities that meet certain criteria based on your ESG goals.

Users can sort facilities based on how they’ve responded to FEM 2019, FEM 2020, and BRM 2020 assessments. For example, users could retrieve only the FEM assessments where a facility’s total annual greenhouse gas emission exceed a certain amount. Additionally, users can search for assessments based on their account IDs, including Higg ID, OAR ID, Social Credit ID, Tax ID, or custom fields.


Existing Higg users can access their Assessment Data API data here to support facility risk management.



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