How Higg users are taking steps to drive environmental progress


Note: This article predates our launch as Worldly.


It’s been a quick two years since Higg launched our technology platform – and earlier this year, we began to look at the impact numbers in detail, to understand where and how our users were making progress towards their sustainability goals. We believed we had enough performance data to start identifying trends across the brands and manufacturers who use Higg, and see beyond individual companies into overall industry transformation for environmental progress.



Simply put, what we found confirmed our theory of change: businesses that consistently measured their impact also steadily improved it. And better yet, as businesses deepened their engagement with Higg’s tools and services, they also accelerated their improvement.


Let’s take a deeper look at what we saw:


Since 2019, manufacturing facilities using Higg have improved their environmental assessment scores by 20%. Higg assessments are helping manufacturing facilities understand concepts like energy efficiency. Those who completed Higg’s facility environmental assessment three years in a row indicate a heightened understanding of their energy use.


By understanding where energy use is greatest, companies know where to start with their reduction goals. This is clear as we found that 22% more facilities have set targets for improving energy use programs in 2020, compared to 2018.  As indicated by the graph, each year, more facilities have set baselines for energy use and are improving energy consumption compared to their baseline. This is just one example of how year over year use of Higg tools is helping users continuously drive improvements.


Higg users are making improvements not just at the edges, but across major systems in their businesses to drive environmental progress.



Decarbonizing the grid, for example, won’t happen overnight. But the journey starts with incremental steps like setting a baseline for energy consumption, implementing a plan, taking action on that plan, and then seeing reduced energy use in the years after. The road may be long, but the threat of the journey shouldn’t deter taking necessary steps today. We’re honored to help brands and manufacturers move us all forward. Read the impact report to learn more.


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