The road to decarbonization: supporting manufacturers


Note: This article predates our launch as Worldly.


Over the last decade, there’s been an inspiring amount of work to reduce carbon emissions in supply chains. In factories across the globe, regional suppliers and large-scale manufacturers alike have taken important steps on everything from HVAC efficiency, to scheduled lighting, to solar panel installation. Yet the rate at which we’re operating has been too inconsistent to achieve the meaningful progress our planet demands. There is still no roadmap to unify how the industry decarbonizes the supply chain.


We must do more and at a faster pace. Consumer goods manufacturers need both a comprehensive strategy for decarbonization and hands-on support at each individual step. That’s why Higg is excited to announce a partnership with the Apparel Impact Institute (Aii) and RESET Carbon to reduce global supply chain emissions.


Developed together by Aii and RESET Carbon, the Carbon Leadership Program is one of the most hands-on carbon management programs for manufacturing facilities. Progress happens when brands and retailers can make decisions from a comprehensive view of their impact. That’s why we’re pleased to host the Carbon Leadership Program assessment on Higg – bringing together key data streams from across the industry in one place.


With the support of engineers and through an in-depth assessment, the Carbon Leadership Program helps brands work collaboratively with manufacturing facilities to develop personalized strategies, training, and tools that help set and achieve their carbon targets. The program’s early adopters include global names such as American Eagle Outfitters and C&A.


Once an action plan is in place, Higg will collect monthly facility data, helping brands and retailers track progress towards emissions goals.


“We’re committed to providing businesses actionable data and insights on their carbon impact so they can evaluate emissions and make strategic decisions and changes to improve performance,” comments Higg CEO Jason Kibbey, “Offering this carbon assessment on Higg’s platform allows brands access to even more data in one place, delivering a comprehensive view of their environmental impact.”


To achieve the most comprehensive view of supply chain impact, we look forward to hosting data streams from new partners and programs like Aii and RESET Carbon. To create a shared roadmap that helps brands and facilities take action, we are bringing key insights into one place, making impact easy to view and manage. This is how we start to make uniform progress on carbon emissions and beyond.

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