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Target Uses Worldly to Change Their Environmental Standards

End-to-end value chain sustainability


Target is a longstanding user of Worldly, having used our platform to track its environmental impact since 2012. Across the value chain, Worldly has helped stakeholders align on the company’s environmental standards and track progress.


Target first began by asking business partners and their factories producing Target-brand products to use the Higg Index self-assessment. The results are now part of their business partners’ annual scorecards. In 2020, Target began to require the Higg FEM self-assessment for all factories in scope of their Responsible Sourcing Program, as a part of doing business with Target.



Our suppliers understand Worldly, they know that it’s not an audit tool, and it’s a way to not only measure a current state, but also look at performance year over year.

Sandra Durrant

Director of Responsible Sourcing at Target

Target looks forward to working alongside the industry to scale this work, “so we can start to move from being less bad to being truly restorative,” explains Durrant.


Watch the video below for more information. Note that this video predates our launch as Worldly.

Target Video Testimonial

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