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Higg launches Traceability Partner Program for supply chain sustainability


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Collaboration with, FibreTrace, and TrusTrace Adds Technology Solutions for Identifying Sustainability Impacts, Validating Product Chain of Custody, and Advancing Supply Chain Transparency


SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – Higg, a technology platform that enables consumer goods companies to measure, manage, and share the social and environmental impacts of their full value chain, today announced a new program enabling comprehensive traceability across the global supply chain. The Higg traceability program, a global collaboration beginning with technology partners by Avery Dennison, FibreTrace, and TrusTrace, aims to fast-track global brands’ efforts to track the hidden impacts within their manufacturing processes, ensure fiber integrity, and to understand, communicate, and accelerate product sustainability.


The Higg traceability program is designed to enable consumer brands to identify and share the supply chain provenance of billions of items with their upstream value chain partners, highlight and disclose sustainability information, on their own and other ecommerce platforms, to the public and other stakeholders.


“Consumer goods businesses face a tremendous urgency to accelerate sustainability improvements and need comprehensive tools and contextualized data that can illuminate untracked areas of the supply chain,” said Higg CEO Jason Kibbey. “Together with some of the world’s most advanced traceability innovators, we’re bringing robust new capabilities onto the Higg platform to enable brand and retailer customers to understand and trace product certifications and provenance.”


The program launches with a cohort of innovation partners including by Avery Dennison, FibreTrace, and TrusTrace: leading solution providers in the end-to-end tracking of materials and product origins, and unified in identifying and illuminating essential sustainability management data. These providers will be integrating their unique services onto the Higg platform in order to connect a network of 45,000 users, 500 brands and retailers, and tens of thousands of manufacturers’ factories, bringing product chain-of-custody tracking to the robust platform.


“We’re thrilled to partner with these organizations, all of whom are committed to advancing transparency and sustainability, and each of whom brings unique capabilities needed by the industry,” Kibbey said. “Higg is laser-focused on aggregating quality environmental, social, and governance data to provide a single source of truth for consumer goods industries. Partnering with best-in-class traceability innovators is a critical step in helping our customers make better informed sustainability decisions.”


“ connected product cloud is built on Avery Dennison’s leadership in digital ID technologies that combine physical and digital worlds. In collaboration with the Higg platform, we are helping reimagine supply chains for the greater good by combining item-level traceability data from together with environmental and social impact data from Higg,” said Max Winograd, vice president, & connected products, Avery Dennison Smartrac. “This gives brands and retailers a complete view of their supply chain and an opportunity to provide accurate sustainability insights to consumers and other key stakeholders.”


FibreTrace brings a unique advantage to the program because the technology is implemented at raw fiber source, tracing and verifying that fiber throughout the global supply chain in retail in addition to collecting primary farm data that is third party verified, adding a new layer of data and depth.


“Without transparency we can’t improve the impact of the global textile industry for future generations,” said Shannon Mercer, CEO of FibreTrace. “FibreTrace combines physical and digital traceability for verification of a fiber’s sustainability credentials – combine this with Higg’s ability to incorporate data across every facility in a supply chain…it empowers brands to make best practice sustainable decisions right from the start.”


Higg’s traceability partners will enable blockchain technologies to support tracking and tracing of a product’s chain of custody, streamline certification claims, and address material movement, supplier data, consumer engagement, and brand protection. The collaborative approach across the global industry seeks to provide both immediate, verified insights to Higg users, and allows brands to better fulfill the expectations of the public, the satisfaction of corporate sustainability goals, and the oversight of regulatory agencies.


Representing the world’s largest dataset for the footwear, apparel, and textile industry, and providing services to the largest global consumer goods retail platforms, Higg will enable its traceability partners to broadly engage with global corporations while providing Higg platform customers access to leading traceability solutions. As part of this program, key social and sustainability data from Higg will also be made available for direct integration into partner platforms, creating more robust solutions for both partners and their customers.


Today’s announcement follow’s Higg’s recent launch of Sustainability Profiles, a first step in a joint initiative with the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to enable fashion brands and retailers to connect sustainability-related product claims at point of purchase to verified data.


“Sustainability cannot exist without traceability, which is why TrusTrace is on a mission to bring true transparency to brands who really want to know what they sell,” said Shameek Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder of TrusTrace. “In collaborating with Higg, our technology can be leveraged to drive more sustainably-conscious and socially-responsible decisions across the global supply chain – while simultaneously equipping the TrusTrace platform with key data from Higg that will help our customers make better, more informed sourcing decisions. It’s a win-win for all involved!”


About Higg


Higg is the sustainability insights platform for consumer goods businesses – delivering software and services for measuring, managing, and sharing supply chain performance data.


From materials to products, from facilities to stores, from emissions to working conditions, Higg unlocks a complete view of a business’s social and environmental impact.


Built on the leading framework for sustainability measurement, Higg is trusted by global brands, retailers, and manufacturers to provide the single source of ESG intelligence they need to accelerate business and industry transformation.


Launched in 2019 as a public-benefit corporation, Higg is the exclusive licensee of the Higg Index, the industry-leading value chain measurement methodology developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.


About™ by Avery Dennison

Atma is Sanskrit for “soul”. Avery Dennison’s vision is that every product should have a unique digital ID or ‘soul’ that persists throughout the value chain and enables all stakeholders to see the true self (or atma) of the product. Avery Dennison launched the venture and its connected product cloud to serve as the foundation for sustainable, trusted connections between every item, every company, and every person. is a trademark of Avery Dennison.


About FibreTrace


FibreTrace™ is an advanced transparency technology business – combining physical and digital traceability with the power of authentication – aiming to empower the global textile industry to reduce its impact on the environment.


FibreTrace™ formally launched to market in March 2021 in partnership with Reformation, and today works with the largest producers of carbon positive Good Earth Cotton, recycled polyester, responsible viscose, recycled cotton and linen, virgin wool and linen to supercharge more responsible and verified fibre choices to market.


About TrusTrace


Founded in 2016, TrusTrace offers a market-leading platform for supply chain transparency and traceability within Fashion and Retail, which has quickly become the foundation for some of the most ambitious sustainability programs in the world. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in India and France. Please visit to learn more.


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