Higg teams up with TrusTrace, and FibreTrace to launch traceability program


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Now integrating chain of custody data with deep sustainability insights through a traceability program


For the businesses we work with, supply chain visibility and transparency is seen as a rapidly growing priority. When a brand can view their supply chain end-to-end, they’re better prepared to meet growing consumer and investor expectations, as well as address the myriad of physical and transition risks lurking around every corner. But historically, brands haven’t had full access to all levels of their supply chain – and have been unable to identify opportunities for improving environmental and social impacts. We hear every day: this sort of accountability is more important than ever for building traceability program.


Higg represents incredible industry progress towards sustainability performance measurement. But this is just the beginning. With the onset of new digital traceability technologies, we’re poised to create more intelligent supply chains that track, trace and authenticate every stage of the manufacturing process – from raw materials to the finished products on retail shelves. By working together, we have an opportunity to fast-track industry transparency and supply chain sustainability for customers around the world.


That’s why we’re pleased to share that Higg is teaming up with by Avery Dennison, and FibreTrace to launch the first cohort of the Higg traceability program. We recognize that traceability cannot be solved by a single technology or initiative, and all parts of the supply chain will need to work together to solve our climate and social problems. Our partnership intends to help brands track hidden impacts within their supply chain, normalizing data streams that support critical sustainability insights. We are excited to learn from one another, shaping the traceability program as we go, and helping solve brands’ most pressing needs.


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Over the coming months, Higg will work collaboratively with our traceability partners to bring our users chain of custody data, together with deep sustainability insights from materials to products, from factories to stores, across energy, waste, water, and working conditions. These are some of the ways we see this partnership program supporting our users:


  • Deepen supplier engagement by aligning a products’ chain of custody data with factory environmental and social performance
  • Automate the performance claims process for materials and products
  • Enhance supply chain transparency and product impact calculations
  • Enable consistent and differentiated public disclosure of a product’s journey & impacts
  • Manage reputational risk by integrating chain of custody data with deep supply chain sustainability insights


By partnering with leaders in the end-to-end tracking of products and origins, Higg users are more empowered to understand, communicate, and accelerate product sustainability and build a traceability program.


“We’re thrilled to partner with these organizations, all of whom are committed to advancing transparency and sustainability, and each of whom bring unique capabilities needed by the industry,” said Higg CEO, Jason Kibbey.


“Higg is laser-focussed on aggregating quality environmental, social and governance data, to provide a single source of truth for consumer goods industries. Partnering with best-in-class traceability innovators is a critical step in helping our customers make better informed sustainability decisions.”


“ connected product cloud is built on Avery Dennison’s leadership in digital ID technologies that combine physical and digital worlds. In collaboration with the Higg platform, we are helping reimagine supply chains for the greater good by combining item-level traceability data from together with environmental and social impact data from Higg. This gives brands and retailers a complete view of their supply chain and an opportunity to provide accurate sustainability insights to consumers and other key stakeholders,” said Max Winograd, Vice President, & connected products, Avery Dennison Smartrac.


“Without transparency we can’t improve the impact of the global textile industry for future generations,” said Shannon Mercer, CEO of FibreTrace. “FibreTrace combines physical and digital traceability for verification of a fibers sustainability credentials – combine this with Higgs ability to incorporate data across every facility in a supply chain… it empowers brands to make best practice sustainable decisions right from the start.”


“Sustainability cannot exist without traceability, which is why TrusTrace is on a mission to bring true transparency to brands who really want to know what they sell,” said Shameek Ghosh, CEO and Co-Founder of TrusTrace. “In collaborating with Higg, our technology can be leveraged to drive more sustainably-conscious and socially-responsible decisions across the global supply chain – while simultaneously equipping the TrusTrace platform with key data from Higg that will help our customers make better, more informed sourcing decisions. It’s a win-win for all involved!”


Our latest focus on a traceability program is one example of how we’re building a platform that streamlines and contextualizes sustainability data to help you make strategic business decisions quickly. We will continue to connect with the right partners and solutions to advance progress on social and environmental equity, and look forward to growing our network of partnerships to best serve our users.


Learn more about our partner program and our recent traceability program partnerships.





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