TradeBeyond Integrates with Worldly to Foster Sustainable Product Development


As sustainability becomes a key aspect of responsible business operations, product designers and developers have an opportunity to inform their work with primary sustainability data and influence business strategy with impact intelligence. TradeBeyond, a leading provider of global supply chain management solutions for retailers, has integrated with Worldly to provide designers Higg Index data as they create new products so they may consider sustainability impacts.

The new integration of data from the Higg Index Product Tools into TradeBeyond’s product life-cycle management (PLM) system enables brands and retailers that rely on TradeBeyond for product development, sourcing, quality, and supplier management to make the most sustainable choices as they design products.  


Designers and business leaders can calculate and compare the environmental impact of the various inputs of product creation – from raw material selection to manufacturing, logistics, to a finished product’s use and end of use – information that’s critical for meeting global ESG disclosure and regulatory requirements and supporting environmental marketing claims. 


Each product’s impact is visualized on a dashboard during product specification. The integration allows designers to easily calculate waste and determine a product’s environmental impact across multiple units of measurement based on primary data inputs where available, and modeled data where they wish to see estimates.  


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