Under Armour’s Reporting Requirements

Thank you for being an important member of the Under Armour’s value chain. Learn more about this year's requirements.

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Account Name: Under Armour
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As part of Under Armour’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, they request all factories to complete the Higg FEM/FSLM. Start your assessment here.




Important Reporting Dates

Worldly Dates 2023-2024

November 2, 2023

Higg FEM 2023 self-assessment is accessible

January 1, 2024

Higg FEM verification is accessible

April 30, 2024

Unlimited posting/unposting of Higg FEM self-assessments ends

October 31, 2024

Purchase access ends for Higg FEM 2023 and verification

December 31, 2024

Higg FEM 2023 reporting cycle ends; Last day to post both self and verified Higg FEM 2023

Under Armour's Dates 2023-2024

March 1, 2024

Higg FEM 2023 self-assessment must be POSTED and SHARED with Under Armour

April 1, 2024

Verified Higg FEM 2023 must be POSTED and SHARED with Under Armour

April 29, 2024

Higg FSLM self-assessment must be POSTED and SHARED with Under Armour

June 30, 2024

Verified Higg FSLM 2023 must be POSTED and SHARED with Under Armour

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Subscriptions for Manufacturers

Find the best subscription to help you manage environmental and social impact. All plans include:

  • Access to your past data
  • Unlimited outgoing share credits
  • CSV export of your data
  • Customer support live chat
  • Multi-language training including English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, and Vietnamese

FEM 2023

Assess the environmental impacts of manufacturing for 2023

Check Icon Higg Facility Environmental Module 4.0 (Higg FEM 4.0) or FEM Foundations

Check Icon Verification enabled

Check Icon Benchmarking


Assess the social and labor impacts of manufacturing

Check Icon Higg Facility Social and Labor Module (Higg FSLM)

Check Icon Verification enabled

Check Icon Benchmarking


Easily share and keep track of your factory performance

Check Icon Upload utility bills in minutes

Check Icon Roll over data from last reporting period

Check Icon Prepare for annual assessments

Standard with 2023 FEM + FSLM

Get a complete view of your 2023 impacts

Check Icon Higg FEM 2023 or FEM Foundations

Check Icon Higg FSLM

Check Icon Standard factory data collection

Check Icon Verification enabled

Check Icon Benchmarking

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Under Armour Resources

Higg FEM

The Documents below are intended to educate our partners about our environmental goals.

Under Armour Environmental Supply Chain Strategy – Aim to minimize negative environmental impacts throughout the supply chain. Below materials explain our specific goals and actions expected of manufacturing partners to continuously improve environmental performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: You should receive a tailored communication from both Under Armour and Worldly notifying you about which plan to purchase. But you can access information about each plan’s contents here.

Answer: No, there is no need to create a new account. Your existing Higg account (Higg ID & login) is still valid and can be used to access the newly branded Worldly portal. As long as you still have an active subscription to Higg Index tools, you will be able to access those tools on Worldly.

Answer: First-time users should start here to learn how to register an account on the Worldly platform.

Answer: The final deadline for completing and posting your FEM 2022 was 31st December 2023. The deadline has now passed. You will need to buy a new subscription for the latest 2023 assessments.

Answer: Accept the module share requests sent by Under Armour.

If you do not see a pending share request from Under Armour in your modules page, under Share Requests, you should click the Share Module button and initiate the module share with Under Armour.

Sharing Details
Account Name: Under Armour
Worldly ID: 45542


SLCP Transfer Details (for non-Higg assessments only) – Facilities engaged in the ILO’s Better Work program or that have chosen an Accredited Host other than Higg for SLCP completion, can transfer their verified SLCP to the Higg platform. Follow these special instructions to transfer a verified FSLM from SCLP: The transfer price is $199.

  1. Go to FSLM and select “Link SLCP Account”
  2. Log in to SLCP Gateway
  3. Go to verified assessment you want to transfer and select “Overview of my SLCP assessment”
  4. Find “Share with another accredited host” and choose “Sustainable Apparel Coalition (Live)”
  5. Return to FSLM and select “Transfer SLCP assessment”
  6. Purchase the transfer ($199).
  7. See your transferred assessment in FSLM

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