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Dedagroup, Stealth to feature Higg data in new technology partnership


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SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Sustainability technology company Higg and Dedagroup Stealth, the technology company behind more than 60% of Italy’s best-known global fashion brands, today announced a new partnership to integrate Higg sustainability data into Dedagroup’s supply chain management systems. The partnership takes advantage of Higg Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), enabling Higg sustainability data to flow across enterprises, injecting millions of sustainability data points about materials, products, and facilities directly into the development and delivery process for tens of thousands of products.


The integration enables apparel industry professionals to apply deep sustainability data into key sourcing, production, and finished goods decisions. It creates a seamless flow of data from the Higg platform to Dedagroup Stealth, informing users throughout the product development process. Clients of Dedagroup Stealth and Zedonk, a supply chain management software company dedicated to small brands acquired by Dedagroup earlier this year, now have the opportunity to review and visualize Higg sustainability data as they create and source new products, elevating the importance of environmental and social impacts in their decision making.


“Higg’s integration with Dedagroup puts Stealth and Zedonk users in a leadership position by giving them real-time access to sustainability data,” says Higg CEO Jason Kibbey. “Through our cutting-edge software platforms, this new partnership will make sustainability a core focus of the product creation process by putting rich Higg Index data directly into the hands of users and decision makers.”


“Sustainability is more important than ever for Dedagroup Stealth customers. Through our new data integration partnership with Higg, we can provide leading brands with the insights they need to make more environmentally and socially sustainable products,” says Dedagroup Stealth CEO Cosimo (Mimmo) Solida. “The integration offers our clients an opportunity to strategically prioritize supply chain sustainability performance, which is also gaining importance among their consumers.”


Built on the Higg Index methodology, developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s 250+ members to standardize social and environmental supply chain measurement across the industry, Higg tools offer brands, retailers, and
manufacturers an end-to-end view of sustainability performance. The global focus on sustainability is widely expected to grow as consumers increasingly demand more information about where and how the products they purchase are made, seeking to buy products that align with their personal values and environmental and social concerns.


By establishing a link between the Higg and Dedagroup Stealth platforms, the new partners are bringing trusted tools and methodologies together and speeding decision making by putting best available data at decision makers’ fingertips.


About Higg

Higg is the sustainability insights platform for consumer goods industries, delivering software and services for measuring, managing, and sharing supply chain performance data.


From materials to products, from facilities to stores, across energy, waste, water, and working conditions, Higg unlocks a complete view of a business’s social and environmental impact. Built on the leading framework for sustainability measurement, Higg is trusted by global brands, retailers, and manufacturers to provide the comprehensive intelligence needed to accelerate business and industry transformation.


Spun out of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in 2019 as a public-benefit technology company, Higg is the exclusive licensee of the Higg Index, a suite of tools for the standardized measurement of supply chain sustainability.


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