Higg data unlocks environmental, labor measurement for TrusTrace platform


Note: This article predates our launch as Worldly.


We’re excited to announce a partnership with TrusTrace, a leading product chain of custody platform. TrusTrace customers will have access to more nuanced, contextualized supply chain data than ever before. As they map the chain of custody, they will now be able to layer in Higg environmental and social facility data for a deeper understanding of a product’s journey.


The global supply chain is increasingly complex as products are created and distributed around the world. Our collaboration with TrusTrace is one more way we’re leading the charge to bring greater clarity to the process, from design to delivery, all the way to product end-of-use. The sooner businesses assemble a granular, step-by-step view of their social and environmental impact, the more effectively they can implement improvements.On the TrusTrace platform, users will be able to access Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) and Facility & Social Labor Module (FSLM) data, gaining a better understanding of their value chain performance. Tens of thousands of manufacturers across the globe use the FEM and FSLM tools every year, and hundreds of brands gain a holistic view of their impact (learn more in our 2021 Impact Report). Manufacturer profiles on TrusTrace’s platform offer a seamless integration between understanding product chain of custody and soon – with the Higg integration – a product’s underlying footprint.



“There is a real urgency for comprehensive tools and contextualized data to help bring visibility and insight to untracked areas of the supply chain,” said Higg CEO Jason Kibbey. “Our partnership with TrusTrace demonstrates a joint belief that collaboration is the most effective way to develop the best tools to capture deeper insights into the chain of custody. Together we bring robust new capabilities to both platforms that will support our clients in accelerating towards their sustainability goals.”


“I have always believed that sustainability can not exist without traceability and a challenge of this scale needs significant collaboration,” said Shameek Ghosh TrusTrace co-founder and CEO.


Last month, Higg also announced TrusTrace as a member of our traceability program. The program intends to deliver customers more detailed data about the providence of their products. The traceability program will arm consumers and other stakeholders with key information about the common white t-shirt: from where the shirt originated, to each step that occurred prior to being selected off the shelf.


Together, Higg and TrusTrace are revolutionizing the way brands, retailers, manufacturers, and consumers understand and communicate a product’s journey.


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