How Higg Is Integrating Sustainable Chemistry


Note: This article predates our launch as Worldly.


Higg is thrilled to share that we’re developing partnerships with Bluesign and ZDHC, two global leaders in sustainable chemical management. Through these new collaborations we hope to accelerate the use of environmentally-safe chemicals among brands and manufacturers globally. Together, we will explore how Bluesign and ZDHC solutions and resources can be integrated into Higg’s data and analytics platform, helping businesses to consolidate data sources for easier management. In addition, through the planned integrations, Higg is exploring how customers will be able to glean insights to help them improve chemical management practices, reduce risk of water toxicity, understand the health impacts, and eliminate chemicals of concern from the upstream production process.


Between 6-8% of all greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to chemicals in the textile industry. With this information, we knew we had to focus on finding a way to advance understanding of chemical impacts. The use of more sustainable chemicals and proper protection and disposal practices keeps water supplies safe and prevents further pollution of soil and air. Most critically, these shifts in chemical usage also protect the workers who are manufacturing goods. And dangerous chemicals used in manufacturing can also have a negative impact on the people who buy the products. Dangerously high levels of BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals continues to be a key health concern, and the next era of production and sustainability must address it. While laws like Prop 65 in California begin to address these concerns with proper labeling, reducing the use of dangerous chemicals is imperative for people and the planet.


Understanding sustainable chemistry is a crucial step for brands in developing safer production practices to protect workers, consumers, and the environment. Education for brands as well as manufacturers about the impacts of harmful chemicals can catalyze change. Building on these insights, the tools needed to measure and make transitions will allow for safer production and disposal. For consumers, understanding the impact of these chemicals through the product lifecycle can galvanize better purchasing practices and improve health outcomes. We are committed to continuing to evolve and scale our offerings to better serve the needs of customers and expand access to the platform to a broader range of brands. Safe chemical use and disposal is a key component of what’s next.



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