Is Your Facility Regulation-Ready?



A Guide to Showcase Your Preparation to Brands


In an era where global regulations like the CSRD in the EU and CA SB 253 and 251 in the US are becoming paramount, brands and retailers will need 100% participation from their value chain partners. Are you 100% ready? 


Soon, your partners will soon be asking for data on greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy, waste, air emissions, and chemicals specific to your facility to help them with regulatory reporting, as well as a record of how you are improving performance across these categories. Preparing for these requests will require starting to collect deeper data about your facility. The benefits of preparing your company for regulatory demands are numerous – from showcasing your leadership in sustainability, to setting yourself apart from competitors. And while the process may sound daunting, Worldly is here to help. 


Know your emissions, waste, and water use 

We recommend beginning to collect deep environmental data from your facility’s greenhouse gas emissions, water, energy, waste, air emissions, and chemicals. Having an in-depth understanding of your usage and compliance within these categories will make it easier to work with brands and retailers required to report this information. 


Higg FEM 4.0, recently launched by Worldly and Cascale, is the leading solution to help manufacturers collect this data and gather a comprehensive view of their facility performance. The assessment was rebuilt with the regulatory landscape in mind, and will help your organization report the data your brand partners will need for not only regulations, but also streamlines reporting to the most popular frameworks, saving you from needing to complete additional assessments. This includes the GHG Protocol, Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Roadmap to Zero. 


Build goals and improve performance 

Once you’ve gathered your environmental data, the next step is to set a baseline for your facility’s environmental impact. This baseline serves as a reference point your company can measure back to and demonstrate improvements. The Higg FEM 4.0 is a valuable tool for helping you build this baseline and understand your environmental performance. As an annual assessment, you’ll have an opportunity to report your performance every year and show how you’ve made improvements. And your data will always be stored on Worldly, so you can easily pull data from previous years and chart your improvements. 


In essence, the Higg FEM 4.0 on Worldly serves as a crucial asset in demonstrating readiness for regulations. By investing in this assessment, your business can leap ahead as a leader in compliance readiness, strengthening relationships with existing customers and attracting new business opportunities. This proactive approach not only ensures alignment with evolving regulations but also positions your company as a forward-thinking and sustainability-driven partner for brands worldwide. Get started today by buying Higg FEM 4.0.



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