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NCA clarifies the use of global averages in consumer-facing sustainability communications


Note: This article predates our launch as Worldly.


Higg is pleased to see the Norwegian Consumer Authority (NCA) working with other global consumer authorities to align on a set of key principles to help drive a harmonized and clear approach to communicating environmental claims. Higg believes consumers need information to act with urgency to address climate change, and it is only through a consistent approach that the insights provided through the Higg platform can be meaningful and enable impact reduction.


We also welcome NCA’s clarification that there is no general ban on using global averages in marketing and agree businesses need to address proper qualifications when making sustainability claims. Higg’s mission is to provide businesses with the tools and data they need to address environmental and social impact in their value chains. The recent pause in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s transparency pilot program, in no way affected business use of the Higg Index tools hosted on the Higg platform.


It is only through collaboration that solutions for consistent consumer-facing environmental information will be achieved. The joint effort between the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the NCA is a powerful example of how stakeholders can come together to proactively address the impacts of climate change.


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