Higg, PTC collaboration provides product designers robust sustainability data


Note: This article predates our launch as Worldly.


As Higg continues to expand our platform, we’re announcing a new collaboration that will enable more robust product life-cycle management (PLM) capabilities for businesses. By teaming up with PTC, the PLM company that built the cutting-edge platform FlexPLM, global supply chain users can now tap into Higg’s robust sustainability datasets to make sustainability a core focus in their product design and creation process.


We believe in working with other leading solutions providers and collaborating to advance industry-wide sustainability at global scale. Partnering with PTC was an exciting opportunity to bring together best-practice industry solutions – brands and retailers can now leverage Higg data to design and develop more sustainable products and track their value-chain data all in one place.


The integration between PTC and Higg leverages Higg APIs and enables users to work collaboratively within the FlexPLM system to understand the environmental impact of the materials product designers and developers choose to incorporate into their products.


“We are delighted to work with PTC to facilitate the integration between FlexPLM and Higg,” says Josh Henretig, Higg Vice President of Global Partnerships. “Thanks to this integration, brands, retailers, and manufacturers can use Higg solutions and data to inform their individual sustainability strategies. Higg is committed to scaling tools and services that help companies address climate change globally. By working with PTC, we can make Higg tools available to more companies committed to improving social and environmental impacts.”


“Today’s brands and retailers are doubling down when it comes to understanding the impact of their products and supply chain on the environment, and they are committed to reducing that impact,” said Bill Brewster, SVP & General Manager of PTC’s Retail Business Unit. “Consumers now want greater transparency, which means brands and retailers need a credible and standardized way to measure social and environmental sustainability during product development, using trusted data. We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re integrating with Higg and providing our world-class customer base with the information they need to measure and report on their sustainability practices.”


Read more about how Higg and PTC are working together to drive product design here.




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