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Worldly is First to Launch Real Time Factory Data Collection for Scope 3 Calculations, ESG and Compliance Reporting

Now, brands, retailers and manufacturers can more efficiently harness energy, water and waste data to achieve impact targets. 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 16, 2023


Today, Worldly, the planet’s most comprehensive impact intelligence platform for fashion and consumer goods businesses, announced its industry-first solution to capture real-time data from factories across the supply chain. Now, brands, retailers and manufacturers can share energy, water and waste data, in closer to real time and take action throughout the year. Access to this high-frequency, high-resolution data will better equip companies to start calculating  Scope  3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and streamline Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) regulatory and corporate reporting. The capability will help companies prepare for some of the most pressing regulations across the globe, such as the U.S. SEC Climate Disclosure Act, New York Fashion Act, and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.


“Across the industry, companies can’t wait to collect real-time primary data, helping them prepare for emerging regulatory requirements, highlight financial risk, and develop more responsible supply chain operations,” said Jason Kibbey, Worldly CEO. “By focusing first on factory data, Worldly hones in on the most essential information that both the manufacturers themself and companies sourcing for them, need to act on to make improvements. The data provides a snapshot view of impacts across water, energy, and waste, and is calculated to help companies with GRI reporting standards and complete Scope 3 data within CDP, while preparing for the most pressing regulations.”


Across the industry, companies can’t wait to collect real-time primary data, helping them prepare for emerging regulatory requirements, highlight financial risk, and develop more responsible supply chain operations.

Jason Kibbey

CEO at Worldly

Historically, companies have collected resource consumption data by manually adding factory data to spreadsheets once a year. The process, combined with infrequent data capture, makes it difficult to track and manage sustainability programs and Scope 3 targets throughout the year. Worldly’s new high-frequency data capture capability makes it faster and simpler for manufacturers to share data on production volume, emissions, waste, and water more frequently. Worldly, in turn, delivers real-time insights that help companies take more current action across their supply chain and mitigate risk. For example, by tracking emissions data throughout the year from manufacturers  such as energy use, emissions from refrigerants, and more, businesses can more actively manage and track Scope 3 targets.


Across consumer goods brands and manufacturers , companies are making public commitments on Scope 3 emissions, water, and waste, through programs like Science-Based Targets and the GHG Protocol. Worldly collects utility data that is aligned with GHG protocol and Science-based targets, making it easier to stay on track while also streamlining annual reporting requirements. Companies that embrace this new availability of primary data built with the evolving reporting and regulatory landscape in mind will swiftly rise as ESG leaders. 


Moreover, the credibility of brands’ sustainability claims and disclosures is more important than ever.  Through a new preferred partnership with SGS announced today, Worldly users can validate their utility data, adding a layer of assurance that their data can be trusted.


Find out more about the Worldly company launch and Partnership with SGS. 


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Worldly is the planet’s most comprehensive impact intelligence platform, trusted by 40,000+ major brands, retailers, and manufacturers in fashion, outdoor, home goods, toys and more. Worldly uniquely collects high-resolution primary data specific to companies’ value chains, operations and products, providing insight into true impacts across carbon, water, chemistry and labor. Featuring the most comprehensive source of ESG data for global manufacturers and the largest library of materials and product impacts, Worldly empowers businesses to scale responsibility into their global operations, faster and more accurately. Hosting, connecting with, and supporting the leading industry solutions and methodologies including ZDHC, Bluesign, and the Higg Index – the most widely-adopted measure of sustainability in the apparel industry – Worldly delivers the insights businesses need to reduce their impact, comply with emerging regulatory and financial disclosure requirements and meet the expectations of a new generation of customers.



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