The biggest change to corporate reporting in a decade

In 2025, businesses will be required to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by reporting 2024 data. Compared to prior sustainability regulations, the CSRD reporting process will be more complex, comprehensive, and rigorous.



Prepare with Worldly and the Higg Index

Higg BRM

Sector-specific (environmental, social, and governance) content guidance to support companies in their CSRD disclosure. 

Higg FEM and FSLM

Tools to help you collect the necessary environmental and social supply chain data.

Higg Product Tools

Data sources for generic environmental impact data where primary data is not available through the Higg FEM. 


Once a CSRD tool is in place, the end-to-end process for data connection and output review can be reduced to one to four weeks from several months, potentially saving up to 70 percent in costs and time.

McKinsey Report

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