Our Training Program

Multiple levels designed to help customers build their platform and tool knowledge gradually

Level 1

An introduction to the Worldly platform, tools, and services

Level 2

Learn the basics of a specific Worldly or Higg Index tool

Level 3

Take an in-depth look at the content and get practical advice about completing an assessment or using a tool

Level 4

Learn how to interpret data from Worldly or Higg assessments, or dive into advanced sustainability topics such as GHG emissions, LCA or chemicals

Learn about our partners' methodologies

The Higg Index

Learn about the suite of Higg Index Tools, including the Higg FSLM, Higg FEM, Higg Product Tools, and Higg BRM.

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Understand the requirements of the Higg FSLM, developed by the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP).

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